Paxlovid or Ivermectin: What to Use for COVID-19 Treatment?

Paxlovid vs Ivermectin

The COVID-19 pandemic raised the issue of effective drugs for this dangerous disease. At the same time, many well-known medications are used in coronavirus treatment. For example, Ivermectin, a drug previously used only against intestinal worms, has proved effective in fighting against the virus.

Recently, a new medication was added to the list of drugs against COVID-19. It is Paxlovid. Paxlovid and Ivermectin are two different medications which belong to different groups. Which one should you choose to treat coronavirus?

Paxlovid belongs to a class of drugs called Antivirals. It contains two antiviral ingredients:

  • Nirmatrelvir – prevents the growth and spread of the virus;
  • Ritonavir – helps slow the breakdown of nirmatrelvir in the body, allowing it to fight the virus as long as possible.

Paxlovid was approved by the FDA for COVID-19 and is available by prescription.

The main benefit of Paxlovid vs Ivermectin

The main benefit of Paxlovid vs Ivermectin is that Paxlovid was designed to treat a new type of coronavirus, while Ivermectin was created to fight against intestinal worms. Its antiviral activity was discovered later, which led to whether it can be used in therapy for COVID-19. Several studies were conducted; however, additional data are needed to talk about the full efficacy and safety of the medication to cure coronavirus.

Nevertheless, some experts have already prescribed Ivermectin to their patients. It is possible only in a hospital setting or for research purposes. The FDA hasn’t authorised Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

Paxlovid is a potent enzymatic inhibitor with proven efficacy. Ivermectin doesn’t work or be effective as an inhibitor. It doesn’t inhibit the virus or stop its production in cells. Antiviral mechanisms of Ivermectin are being studied.

Should you use a drug with an unconfirmed efficacy? Most likely, no. Choosing a reliable and trusted medication to help your body cope with the virus is better.


Paxlovid and Ivermectin are two drugs which have demonstrated activity against COVID-19. However, they have significant differences starting with the mechanism of action and ending with proven efficacy. Paxlovid was well-received by experts and is available in pharmacies, while Ivermectin hasn’t been approved to treat a new coronavirus.

Additional research is required to prove the antiviral efficacy of this drug. Now, it is only being prescribed to use in a hospital setting to be able to track any changes in a patient’s state.