Ivermectin Vs Ritonavir in COVID-19 Therapy

Dexamethasone vs Ivermectin

Ivermectin was designed as an antiparasitic drug and has been actively used to treat parasitic infections in humans and animals since the end of 1970. As it turned out, it has high antiviral activity; thus, it allowed it to be considered for treating patients with COVID-19 along with other drugs like Ritonavir. The studies of Ritonavir and Ivermectin were conducted to examine the effects of the medications on patients with COVID-19 mild and moderate cases.

The results showed that both drugs are effective in treating the disease; however, the recovery time for patients treated with Ivermectin was significantly lower. At the same time, the FDA hasn’t approved the drug for COVID-19 treatment.

Oil Nigella Sativa vs Ivermectin against parasites

Nigella Sativa is a natural medication which is widely used in antiparasitic therapy of a number of helminths. This South African plant’s seeds contain poisonous substances to parasites.

For mild cases, Nigella Sativa oil may be an alternative to Ivermectin with a lower risk of adverse reactions.

Dexamethasone vs Ivermectin in COVID-19 therapy

Dexamethasone belongs to the category of synthetic adrenal corticosteroid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. According to the data, the medication improves clinical outcomes and reduces mortality in patients with COVID-19.

Unlike Dexamethasone, Ivermectin is classified as an anti-parasitic drug, and its usage for COVID-19 has only an exploratory disposition.

Pyrantel Pamoate vs Ivermectin: can these drugs be used together?

Pyrantel Pamoate is used to treat intestinal worm infections. It contains the substance which paralyses worms. It belongs to the same drug class as Ivermectin, and these medications can be used together to get the best result. However, only an expert can choose the correct dosing.

Is Ronapreve the same as Ivermectin?

The experimental drug Ronapreve contains an antibody cocktail to prevent and treat COVID-19. In 2020, it was approved by the FDA and purchased by a number of countries to fight the virus. The drug has another mechanism of action than Ivermectin, which is why they can’t be compared. Moreover, the latter hasn’t been approved for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.

Ivomec vs Ivermectin: what is the difference?

The active ingredient of Ivomec is Ivermectin, but the drug is indicated for treating internal and external parasites in cattle. The medication is not approved for humans, so we can’t compare its efficacy with Ivermectin.

Cydectin vs Ivermectin in veterinary medicine

Cydectin is used in veterinary medicine to control internal and external parasites in animals. It has high efficacy and is considered one of the best drugs of this type. Cydectin’s active ingredient is Moxidectin. Unlike Ivermectin, the medication is not used to treat human parasitic infections. However, both drugs can be used in therapy for animals.

Milbemycin Oxime vs Ivermectin against heartworm in animals

Milbemycin Oxime is an antiparasitic drug with a broad spectrum of activity indicated for animals. As well as Ivermectin this medication can be prescribed to treat heartworm in cats and dogs, but it is less effective than Ivermectin. Milbemycin Oxime generally is fairly well tolerated and has a low risk of possible side effects.

Selamectin vs Ivermectin in animals

Selamectin is indicated to treat external parasites in dogs and cats. According to the leaflet’s information, it is applied to an animal’s skin. Ivermectin can also be used against external parasites. Adherence to the recommended dosing in both cases is essential to minimise possible side effects.

Wormwood vs Ivermectin: what is safer?

Our ancestors used wormwood against parasites. This plant contains essential oils, anabsinthine, absinthe, resins, and organic acids. Wormwood can be used as natural Ivermectin as its effectiveness is not inferior to chemical drugs.

Is Ivermectin the same as wormwood when it comes to safety? Most antiparasitic drugs are highly toxic, so many people search for less harmful medications, opting for natural ones. However, wrong usage or dosing of woodworm may lead to severe adverse reactions to seizures and hallucinations.

Combantrin vs Ivermectin: what drug to choose?

Pyrantel is an active ingredient of Combantrin. It is indicated to treat parasitic infections in adults and children. It paralyses the worms, which are then passed into the stool. Combantrin is intended for internal use and unsuitable for treating external parasites, unlike Ivermectin.

Ivermectin vs Ketamine: is it a real competitor?

Ketamine is an anaesthetic approved by the FDA in 1970. Later, it was discovered that the drug could cause tactile and visual hallucinations. Recent studies have shown that the medication is effective against nematode worms. It allows us to consider the drug as another antiparasitics candidate, along with ivermectin.


Ivermectin has been successfully used in antiparasitic therapy in humans and animals. The antiviral activity of the drug that was recently discovered has led some specialists to prescribe it for COVID-19 treatment.

However, the FDA hasn’t approved Ivermectin for these purposes and recommends using the drug only to control external and internal parasites. The efficacy of Ivermectin depends on the type of parasites and the correct dosing, which is why it is essential to follow the instructions.