Ivermectin for Psoriasis. Does It Help or Not?

Ivermectin For Mange

The antiparasitic drug Ivermectin isn’t on approved drug lists for the treatment of psoriasis.

Moreover, it is not even among the drugs the FDA didn’t approve for this purpose but which dermatologists prescribe for psoriasis “off-label” under medical supervision.

In the list of diseases treated with Ivermectin, psoriasis also isn’t mentioned.

Dermatologists use Ivermectin (as part of cream) to treat such a skin condition as rosacea, similar to acne. It is a chronic disease with symptoms such as skin redness, nodules, and tuberosity. Eye damage is possible.

Ivermectin-based cream reduces redness and swelling and removes pimples.

Ivermectin For Mange

They use Ivermectin injections to treat mange in wild and domestic animals.

The FDA didn’t approve the drug for treating scabies in humans.

However, doctors sometimes use it when approved medications don’t help or if you don’t tolerate them.

So, you can find Ivermectin on the lists of drugs for treating certain types of scabies.

In such cases, they take the drug orally.


Doctors don’t use Ivermectin to treat psoriasis.

You can use it as an approved drug to treat mange in animals (wild and domestic) in the form of subcutaneous injections.

However, you can’t use the drug to treat scabies in humans. But dermatologists use it (in oral form) if you don’t tolerate approved medications and if standard treatment doesn’t help.